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How do I print background colors & lines?
• 1. Using Internet Explorer, click [Tools], [Internet Options].
• 2. Select the [Advanced] tab.
• 3. Scroll about 2/3 down the list.
• 4. Put a checkmark on [Print background colors and images].
• 5. Click [OK], then print as usual.

What applications/software should I use?
• 1. Internet Explorer  [free download: For PC »]
• 2. Adobe Reader  [free download »]
• 3. Microsoft Word
• 4. Microsoft Excel
• 5. Microsoft PowerPoint

How do I download & install the applications?
If you don't know how to download and install an application, please have your school's micro-computer person do it for you. If your school does not have one, please call the Help Desk at Technology Services (457-2600) and place a service order there.

What is a PDF?
PDF stands for portable document format. The PDF format was developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated and has become the de facto standard for distributing printed documents via the web.  [More »]

What software do I need to read PDF files?
Adobe Reader, which is downloadable free of charge from the Adobe website.  Adobe Reader is available in both Windows and Macintosh formats.  [Download now »]

Why does REA use the PDF format?
Using the PDF format allows the report to appear online in exactly the same format as when printed. The PDF files are also compressed so that they will download faster.

I already have Adobe Reader but I get an error?
You most likely have an older version of Adobe Reader. You will need to download and install the latest version. 
[Download now »]

I am able to open a pdf file but it prints garbage.
Try these steps:
• 1. Open the pdf file.
• 2. Click File, then select Print.
• 3. Put a checkmark in the Print as image box.
• 4. Click OK.

My question is still not answered:
• 1. I want to contact you »
• 2. Get technical help from Technology Services by calling 457-2600.

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